DBSC's Newest Member Has Arrived!

We are thrilled to announce that Christine Linhart and Rob Greenhalgh’s son has arrived! Oscar William Greenhalgh was born on 21st May at 8am, after 28 hours of labour. Christine reports the following:“His 4ks chubby cheeks took a little while to come out, but finally with a little assistance, he found his way. Oscar has thankfully inherited his father’s skill of being able to sleep anywhere, including in my hospital bed! I have been lost in a newborn bubble, but am slowly emerging, with a good sleep and feeding routine…for now anyway. Sorry I missed the AGM, if I wasn’t in labour (or perhaps  I had just delivered) I was planning to be there to say hi to everyone.When the club opens up a bit more in due course I look forward to coming down for the reopening of the post-sailing deck hang-outs.”Big congratulations to Christine and Rob… with those two as parents

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