From where you (might) rather be…

Mark Bethwaite has kindly reminded us that outside the Olympics there are many wonderful events that we can look forward to. 

photo: unknown

Our sister club, Vela Club Campione del Garda has recently hosted the EuroMasters regatta where competitors live la dolce vita on Lake Garda, Italy.The regatta is run out of Gargnano and Bogliaco, two beautiful adjacent villages on the western shore of fabulous Lake Garda. The fresh water is warm with a peler (northerly) breeze in the morning, followed (after lunch of course!) by an ora (southerly) breeze in the afternoon.After a day’s racing, competitors sit in a lakeside trattoria and after an obilgatory Aperol Spritz, enjoy corregone (trutta del Garda) washed down with Soave or Valpolicella, followed by gelato and limoncello.

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