Message from the Commodore

In light of the COVID-19 restrictions in NSW, racing this weekend will not be on.Members are asked to adhere to the Public Health Orders. The only reason you are allowed to attend the club is for exercise.If you attend the club, you MUST:(a) check in using the QR code(b) wear a mask inside(c) not attend or sail in more than groups of two. If your attendance would result in more than two in the club or in the park, you must wait outside (or on the water, if you are coming back in) until your presence in the park or in the club would not result in more than two people together.Also, you must NOT attend the club if:(a) you have any symptoms or are awaiting a test result(b) you or anyone in your household are required to isolate(c) you have been to a case location at the relevant times

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