Tweaks to SIs and COVID Compliance Rules

As regulations change and we experience more racing under COVID restrictions, we will continue to tweak our Sailing Instructions (SIs) and clubhouse / rigging regulations. To that end we have several changes to announce: Additions to SIs:New Sub-Paragraph: 10.4  No warning signal for a particular event will be made more than 3hrs after the published time for the first warning signal for that event (and, if separate times are published for individual fleets, the word “event” as used in this sub-paragraph 10.4 shall be read instead as “fleet”. This clause is intended to ensure people can make afternoon plans on Sundays in winter and Saturday evenings in summer with confidence.Also, as announced previously: Paragraph 31.2 has changed for this season only as a result of COVID-19 to provide for two separate five minute count-down starts for Radials/4.7s and Standards, with each fleet starting at minutes, rather than the Radials/4.7s starting at 1 minute

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