Twilight sailing

Twilight sailing will resume this evening, 20 October – splash at 5pm for “rabbit start” racing 5.30-7.30pm. If the forecast southerly eventuates, meet in the mouth of Double Bay for a racecourse to be set using a moored boat as the top mark.  For other wind directions, the fleet will congregate in the “usual” areas. The course will be one upwind and one downwind, with no defined finish line. Any variations to this will be discussed and communicated on water.Boats will take turns being the “rabbit”.  For those not familiar with the format, the rabbit sails across the fleet on port.  The fleet must duck behind the rabbit on starboard to start the race.  When all of the fleet has ducked the rabbit, the rabbit can tack as it wishes. We hope to see our usual twilight fleet of 15-25 boats turn out for this!Note: The hoist training with Rod Barnes will commence at 7pm for

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